Elijah Ndoumbé in studio by Thandi Gula-Ndebele

Elijah Ndoumbé in studio by Thandi Gula-Ndebele

Born in Paris, France to Cameroonian and Anglo ancestries, and based in between California and South Africa, Elijah Ndoumbé is a multidisciplinary artist who works to challenge the dominant narrative around members of their community as pathologized beings (and rather, recognizing the structures in place as pathological). They are striving towards embodied methods of artistic connection, revolution, and radical imagination. Their work includes photography, film, writing, music, and movement. Ndoumbé received their bachelors in African & African American, and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies, at Stanford University. In recent years they collaborated with Sistaazhood, a Cape Town based collective, and SWEAT to produce documentary content advocating for their rights as trans women sex workers. Ndoumbé continues to collaborate with fellow creatives and clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, NYC, Berlin, and Cape Town.


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Institute for Diversity in the Arts (IDA)

Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT)

Dope Saint Jude

Johnnie Walker SA

Music Freedom Dreams

Resist Inc.

Color of Change